• 2/24/18:  Chili Bowl Fiesta, UCCC Stone Ridge 

  • 4/29/18:  High Meadow School, Stone Ridge, NY

  • 5/4/18:  Children’s Center of New Paltz

  • 6/21/18:  Duzine Elementary School, New Paltz, NY

  • 6/28/18:  Mohonk Mountain House Kid’s Club

  • 7/15/18:  Mohonk Mountain House Kid’s Club

  • 7/21/18:  Rail Trail Café, Tilson, NY

  • 7/25/18:  Mohonk Mountain House Kid’s Club

  • 7/26/18:  Soyuzivka Ukranian Center, Kerhonkson, NY

  • 9/8/18:  Rail Trail Café, Tilson, NY

  • 9/15/18:  Braemar Assisted Living,    Middletown, NY

  • 12/11/18:  Tivoli Library, Tivoli, NY

  • 12/13/18:  Agri-Business Child Development, New Paltz, NY

  • 12/19/18:  Keiger Elementary School, Poughkeepsie, NY

  • 2/14/19:  ABILITIES FIRST, Poughkeepsie, NY

  • 2/23/19:  Chili Bowl,  UCCC Stone Ridge 

  • 3/29/19:   HEADSTART, Newburgh, NY

  • 3/30/19:   Town of Ulster Library, Ulster, NY




  • “The kid’s were enthralled and riveted!”

  • “Wonderful! Engaging! Enchanting!”

  • “Everyone – littles to olders – enjoyed your slapstick humor and fun entertainment.”


“Having Happy Dan and Rainbow the Clown at our event was a truly joyful addition to our 2018 Chili Bowl Fiesta! They prepared a fun and interactive program for the children at our event and were engaging finding ways to involve even the shy and more hesitant ones. I am grateful and touched by their kindness and generosity!”

Ruth Burket, Woman’s Studio Workshop


"Thank you Funshine Merrymakers for bringing your magical energy to The Children's Center of New Paltz! Our annual fundraiser was a huge success thanks to your engaging and lively performance! You filled the room with joy and everyone from toddlers to grandparents were completely transfixed. Your gift to our community is priceless."

Lori Gross

Assistant Director


"It’s not just the act, it’s their energy - a beautiful blend of magic, games, music and wholesome lessons.!  There was an unbelievable amount of engagement and attention from the kids - even parents love the Funshine Merry Makers!  If Rainbow the Clown and  Happy Dan could be everyone’s parents, the world would be the utopia we never thought could exist. 

-the Mohonk Mountain House Kids’ Club Staff

“The Funshine Merry Makers were such a treat for the 30 children at our center. The children laughed and smiled along with the songs, dances, and puppets.  Many of them have never had the opportunity to see a performance before, and they were all so excited and fascinated!  A special surprise was the ability of Happy Dan to converse with our Spanish-speaking students!  No one was left out of the fun.  We are especially thankful to the generous grant support that allowed this show to happen.“  -  

Agri-Business Child Development​

(Poor & disabled children of farm workers mostly Hispanic)